Uncover the Mysteries of Extraterrestrial Existence!

Have you heard of a man named Robert Dean? Dean retired from the United States Army as a command sergeant major after a 28-year career.Dean claimed to have seen a classified government document called “the assessment” which supposedly discussed threats posed by extraterrestrial activity on earth and concluded that such threats did not exist.Dean said he considered himself a professional UFO investigator and had obtained “Cosmic Top Secret” clearance while in the military. During his long life, Dean has visited the alien ship 6 times.the former serviceman described extraterrestrials in different ways.Bob Dean spent most of his time on the tall, skinny humanoid

ship.Once the aliens showed man their planet.On the planet itself, aliens are kind to nature.It was easy to come to this, since only one race lives on the planet.Extraterrestrials have reached such a development in 31 thousand years of their existence.Earthlings are at a crossroads, they have the opportunity to follow the path of progress and master space technologies.the problem of earthlings is that there is no unity.famous Russian ufologist Vadim Chernobrov said that to join the space confederation of developed civilizations, it is time for people to abolish countries and governments and become one whole – humanity.And he’s far from alone in calling on all of us to come together on the basis of biology.What will our language look like?Bob Dean in his interviews talked about the details that are worth learning from other extraterrestrials.The former serviceman conveyed a lot of interesting things in his messages.Due to the tension in the world, it seems that people did not follow the development

scenario that the aliens were talking about.they are the states of the soul, the main substance of which the cosmos is composed.the extraterrestrialshave carried information that the materialIf we discover extraterrestrial life, what happens next? | Space | The Guardian
component of the Universe will never allow to be at the same level as nature, with the creators this can only be achieved through enlightenment and knowledge.And the material part of the world is necessary only to understand the cosmos itself.We don’t undertake to judge where Bob Dean got this information from, whether from extraterrestrials or whether he himself philosophized on such important matters, but there seems to be some truth inAt least it’s worth thinking about.

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