UFOs and Alien Structures on the Moon (video)



Amateur astronomers offer their truth where others are letting us down. These people are discovering UFOs and alien structures that are visible through telescopes of good quality and price. These amateur astronomers were able to photograph and record movies, and then important and good quality documents that attest to how the Moon has structures and constructions of an unknown nature.Images recorded by amateur astronomer William Durand show a flying saucer rising out of a lunar crater

We know that a lot of NASA photos and movies throughout history were previously “filtered” in order to hide an extraterrestrial public reality that is now so obvious that it cannot be hidden with these subterfuges. Both in space and on other celestial bodies the presence of artifacts and so-called UFOs is so obvious that now every day that NASA wants to or not, even amateur astronomers can capture the images speak for themselves in this regard.astronomer Bret C. Sheppard photographed with his telescope some mysterious structures and buildings on the lunar surface.

In the images and videos we present to you, they tell us how this extraterrestrial reality seems to reveal itself to us, launching a message of sorts: “We are here and we are watching.” The “theater” of its manifestation is once again the Moon, mistakenly considered by all to be a physiological celestial body. We can’t help but observe that the Moon appears to be “arranged” according to a precise distance from Earth that keeps it away from any possible catastrophic event for at least the next five billion years. But who put it in that position? Perhaps a civilization more evolved than ours? But what is the moon in relation to? An extraterrestrial outpost?Mysterious Structures Photographed on the Moon

No one has taken it more seriously than the moon since 1972. In the twentieth century, promises were made about man’s creation of lunar bases, but there was none of that. Today only a few astronomers (amateur astronomers) still seriously examine our satellite and the results are really surprising: this time the images reach us without any censorship. In it, we can see how incredibly some UFOs come out of some craters on the Moon, or images that show buildings and structures of unknown nature. This type of crater is not really what it seems, it is a simple crater, but according to some researchers, it appears to be an actual extraterrestrial base on the Moon.image
Astronomer Bret C. Sheppard photographed a mysterious building inside a lunar crater

The Moon could hide more than we’ve been told, and a question arises: why were space missions on the Moon banned? Who interfered in all this? Maybe it’s someone we see in these movies, an alien presence who doesn’t want to be disturbed by humans. The same one who has remained a spectator of the development of mankind and probably helped us in the difficult moments of our history, probably teaching knowledge and science to the human race, even if everything is continually denied by those who know and ridiculed by fools.

After the video that shows never-before-seen images recorded by amateur astronomers and about UFOs and alien structures sighted on the lunar surface.

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