“Giant 14-Foot Transparent Alien Spotted Walking Along a River in Bolivia”


Recently, a photograph depicting a slender, long-legged humanoid creature strolling along a riverbank gained significant traction on social media in Bolivia. In the foreground of the image, a man stands seemingly unaware of the presence of this exceptionally peculiar life form on the other side.

The mysterious being was photographed by ufologist Javier Carlos Cordero who said: “It looks like a transparent being with long limbs, typical of a gray being. But we must determine the veracity of this.”It is said that the photo was taken near the Pilcomayo River, in the Bolivian department of Tarija.

Many netizens in the comments also expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that the image is obviously fake. Distrust was also caused by the creature’s translucent figure, as well as the fact that it was not reflected in the river.

However, the creature does not walk along the edge of the shore to be reflected in the water, and perhaps it has something like a disguise, which makes its figure translucent.

You also need to know that the Tarija region in Bolivia is considered almost the main UFO hotspot in the country.

In May 1978, hundreds of people around the border between Bolivia and Argentina claimed to have seen a spacecraft shot down in Mecoya.

The unsolved mystery is described by some as South America’s “most credible UFO crash incident.”

And even the US military was interested in the cylindrical-shaped object that crashed into the side of a mountain.

Corporal Natalio Farfan Ruiz of the Bolivian army said he thought “the end of the world was coming,” while others more than 100 miles away claimed to have heard an explosion similar to a sonic boom.

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