France Unveils Confidential Images of Aliens and Their Spacecraft (Videos)

Among the 1,600 cases documented since 1954, almost 25% have been classified as “D,” indicating robust data and reliable witnesses. Scientists acknowledge that these encounters present a perplexing phenomenon beyond our current understanding, defying straightforward explanations. The compelling data and credible witnesses

associated with these cases challenge our conventional understanding of the unexplained occurrences.Various nations employ more systematic methods for collecting UFO data, with a notable emphasis on the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries have established frameworks wherein information related to UFO sightings

can be requisitioned through the application of the Freedom of Information Act. This systematic approach allows for a more comprehensive and transparent gathering of data, contributing to a more in-depth understanding of UFO phenomena.Of the 1,600 cases recorded since 1954, nearly 25% were rated “D,” meaning good or excellent data and credible witnesses. Scientists say we are faced with something we cannot explain.

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