US Confrontation: Are We Battling Alien UFOs or Enemy Spy-Balloons?


After a Chinese “weather balloon” hovered over the United States of America for three days, the continent was suddenly attacked one by one by several more unidentified flying objects.

While the rest of the world makes memes about a Chinese H๏τ air balloon speeding away from American fighters, the Pentagon military is dealing with an unknown threat.

Over Alaska, Canada, and the United States from Thursday to Sunday, one after another, three more unidentified flying objects appeared. All of them were at a very high alтιтude, but they did not look like any of the known aircraft.The first encounter between American pilots and a UFO occurred on February 10, over the coast of Alaska.The object was seen the day before, on February 9, and was a danger to civil aviation.

Flights were forced to be grounded by the military.As a result, the plane carrying workers from one of the US oil companies to Anchorage returned to the airport. After this incident, Canadian authorities supported the Pentagon’s decision to shoot down the facility.

By this time, the military already knew: the UFO does not have engines of known design or visible control systems.The object greatly alarmed the US and Canadian militaries. They even took to the skies on the planes of the joint aerospace agency NORAD. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkausky said Alaska is the “first line of defense” for the United States.

And Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand tried to reᴀssure the public by saying that a UFO never entered Canadian airspace.

On Friday, February 10, on the orders of US President Joe Biden, the object was sH๏τ down by an AIM-9X missile near the Canadian border, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau immediately announced that Canadian specialists would begin studying the wreckage immediately after they will be found.

The military speak evasively about the size of the object: “the size of a car,” “the size of a bus,” “twenty meters in diameter.”On Saturday, February 11, another UFO appeared over Canada, as if out of nowhere. A small cylindrical object was moving at an alтιтude of 12 kilometers already quite far from the coast.

After a meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Biden, it was decided to shoot down the object over the sparsely populated expanses of the Yukon. Which was again performed by American pilots.

The development of events was not long in coming: on Sunday, a UFO was already detected in US airspace, over the state of Michigan. It moved at an alтιтude of six thousand meters and posed a real threat to civilian aircraft.

The sky over the state was closed again for a while, and American pilots went on an important mission and sH๏τ down a UFO right over Lake Huron.

On February 10, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder stated that a UFO sH๏τ down off the coast of Alaska is not a Chinese balloon.

And then the words of the general sounded very mysterious: “At present, we do not know what kind of object it is, what its capabilities and purpose are.” The only thing that the general accurately indicated was that the object was moving at an alтιтude of 40 thousand feet (about 12 kilometers).

These words somewhat excited the American public, but even more residents of Canada and the United States were dumbfounded by General Glen Vanherk, commander of the Canadian-American aerospace defense group.

Asked whether he had ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for three airborne objects sH๏τ down by U.S. warplanes in as many days, General Glen VanHerck said: “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.”

“At this point, we continue to ᴀssess every unknown threat or potential threat that approaches North America in an attempt to identify it,” said VanHerck, commander of the United States North American Aerospace Defense Command and Northern Command.

It is already known that the last UFO flew over military installations in Montana and had an unusual octagonal shape.

On Sunday, U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed live on air that the downed UFOs are completely different from the downed Chinese balloon.It becomes even more incomprehensible if we take into account the reports of the pilots who sH๏τ down a UFO over Alaska – they ᴀssure that the object had no engines and it interfered with the operation of the fighter equipment, including communications. This was reported by CNN journalist Natasha Bertrand.

She noted that the words of the pilots are contradictory, but they all could not understand why the object moves in the atmosphere and how it produces interference – they did not notice any external equipment on it.

UFO or Chinese balloons
There are several versions of what is actually happening over the North American continent. For example, that aliens really attacked America. This is supported by the fact that the design of flying objects is unknown to Americans.

In addition, objects periodically disappeared from the field of view of American tracking systems – this often happens with UFOs. This version is opposed by the fact that the Americans sH๏τ down all the objects without much difficulty.

The second version is: “UFOs are Chinese spy aircraft. The fact is that last year the Americans managed to complete and put into operation a new tracking system that should protect the sky over the whole of North America.

The new system discovered new objects that the Americans simply could not track before. They now do not rule out the possibility of even more objects scattered across the continent.“We are increasingly monitoring our airspace at these alтιтudes with our improved radar,” said ᴀssistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense Melissa Dalton. “And that may partly explain the increase in the number of objects we see.”

That is, the situation may be as follows: someone has been quietly rummaging in US airspace for a long time, and the great superpower has only now discovered this fact.

It is possible that the situation is even more interesting and that the unfortunate Chinese balloon that hovered over the United States for three days was just a diversionary maneuver, one of the acts of some large-scale reconnaissance operation by Beijing.

Simply put, while everyone was staring at the mᴀssive white ball, the Chinese were spying on American military installations with might and main using other devices.

Meanwhile, the version about aliens should not be discounted yet. In 2022, the US military reported encounters with unidentified flying objects several hundred times.

And the head of the UFO government office, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, has already issued a statement saying that he has reports from American military experts, intelligence officers, and NASA employees that meetings with unidentified objects have become more frequent. They are detected not only in the air, but also under water and even in space.

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