The History of Sumerian Gods Usumgal: The Gods who created the Anunnaki

The Usumgal or Usumgallu stands for “great dragon”, an alien reptilian race.
As per the Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki and their Ancient Gods like Anu and Tiamat were Gods of the stars.
Numerous investigation and thorough research have suggested that the Ancient Gods of the Anunnaki like Anu are those Usumgal, the creators of the Anunnaki.
It is believed that the reptilian beings, Usumgal are the Gods who have created the Anunnaki.

There is an interesting Ancient tale of wars between the Gods.

Ancient History of the Usumgal

The primeval Gods were a race of extraterrestrial reptilians called Kingú that arose in the constellation Draco. After Draco, these beings traveled to other constellations like Orion.Anton Parks is an author and he states that on Earth, these ancient aliens made their base in Hyperborea, a legendary land located at the North Pole.
Then the time came when the Kingú, created the Usumgal, another dragon race with seven powerful leaders.
The strong and mighty leaders of the Usumgal race always envied the power of the Kingú (similar to the story of Lucifer)

Ancient Gods and genetic engineering
Ancient God, Usumgal were familiar with genetic engineering.
The seventh mighty leader of the Usumgal Gods, called Anu, was the one who created the Anunnaki.

The Sumerian Mythology says that:

In heaven Anu is on his throne, clothed with all the attributes of sovereignty: the scepter, the diadem, the headdress, the staff (…) He was the “father of the gods” (abû ilâni), “father of the heavens »(Ab shamê).

The Anunnaki are said to have been created in the Pleiades, although the prototype, called Saam, was created in the Great Bear.
Saam later became famous as Enki, who rebelled against Anu.
Enki is also the one who created Igigi.If facts are to be believed, then, in reality, Tiamat and Apsu are the Ancient Gods of Sumeria.
Although, the Sumerian mythology is way more complicated and there is a possibility that there could be two different types of force that gave birth to the following Ancient Gods.
Dragons were born from Tiamat, and the dragons were called Musmahhu, Usumgallu, and Basmu.
It is believed that Usumgal gave birth to the Anunnaki.

Cosmic war between the Astronomical Gods

The Usumgal, along with the Anunnaki then rebelled against the Kingú and defeated them in our solar system.
Tiamat was completely destroyed by Marduk here on Earth, which is also described on Babylonian tablets.
However, other extraterrestrial God called Kadistu decided to shut the Diranna or star portals that were placed on Earth, in order to keep the Usumgal locked up here.
Numerous Kadistu aliens were also trapped here when the portals were shut, and suffered wars by the Usumgal.Later on, the Usumgal enslaved the Igigi created by Enki and forced them to work in water channels in Sumer.

After a certain period of time, the Igigi also rebelled.
Worried about the insurrection, the Usumgal used their genetic engineering to modify the Neanderthal humans and enslaved them.Shop amazing Alien Merchandise at our store, Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter For More Interesting Content Also Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. If you have faced any supernatural or unexplainable event then you can submit your own story to reach out to more people using our website as a medium.


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