NASA Conceals Massive Aerial Anomaly, Dismissing it as a Meteorite 3 Miles Above the Bering Sea

Intriguing revelations emerge as NASA attempts to conceal a massive airborne entity detected over the Bering Sea, dubbing it a mere meteorite. Uncover the truth behind this mystifying phenomenon and delve into the baffling evidence surrounding the enigmatic object witnessed three miles above the sea.

English: NASA tries to hide a massive flying object appearing 3 miles above the Bering Sea, calling it a meteorite. this controversial incident has sparked curiosity and debate. Uncover the truth behind NASA’s attempt to cover up the presence of this unidentified flying object, and discover expert perspectives and witness accounts. Let’s delve into this mysterious event and unearth fascinating discoveries in the unexpected space of the Bering Sea.

English:they had no other explanation for why this huge UFO was flying over water.

About 173 kilotons of energy, more than 10 times that of the detonation of the Hiroshima atomic bomb during World War II, would be released by the explosion.

This implies that we should be able to see an explosion from 30 to 60 miles away, but we cannot.they made up the story that it was a meteor since the huge UFO was seen on weather satellites and radars around the world.

Isn’t it true that a meteor streaking through the atmosphere at such high speed would leave a trail of heat in its wake?I’m sure the instruments will go crazy and stop working until we leave the area if we send ships there to explore.


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