Buzz Aldrin Affirms: ‘We Were Directed to Depart from the Moon’(video)

This could easily be heard as a script for an upcoming film about NASA astronauts and aliens on the Moon . However, according to reports and transcripts between the command center and the Apollo astronauts, humanity encountered otherworldly technology upon setting foot on lunar soil.

Buzz Aldrin afirma que: “Eles nos mandaram sair da Lua”
There are extremely interesting details about what the astronauts found on the Moon, details that were given in a popular interview between an anonymous professor and Neil Armstrong at a NASA symposium :

Armstrong: It was amazing… of course, we always knew there was a chance. The fact is that we were warned, so there were never any questions about a space station or a lunar city.

Armstrong: I can’t go into details except to say that their ships were far superior to ours in size and technology. Wow, they are big! And threatening… No, it’s not a space station.

Armstrong: Naturally, NASA was compromised at the time and could not risk panic on Earth…. But it really was a quick scoop and vice versa

Is it possible that the Apollo astronauts encountered aliens and UFOs while exploring the lunar surface?

According to physicist and professor of mathematics at Moscow University, Dr. Vladimir Azhazha :

“ Neil Armstrong relayed a message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after they landed near the lunar module. But his message was never heard by the public, because NASA censored it .Armstrong always claimed that there was an alien presence on the Moon, and astronauts were ordered to leave the lunar surface.

Reports indicate that Apollo astronauts stumbled upon numerous ” tents ” and structures on the Moon that were obviously not man-made. Many ufologists claim that Buzz Aldrin even filmed the strange structures and all the details were reported to mission control, who deliberately ‘ redacted ‘ the information to avoid chaos and panic among the general population.

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