A leading UFO expert who hasinuestigated dozens ofsightings over an impressive45-year care


Dr. Steven Greer is a leading UFO expert who has dedicated over 45 years of his life to investigating countless UFO sightings. With a background in medicine and emergency trauma, Dr. Greer has approached the study of UFO phenomena with a scientific and methodical approach.

Throughout his career, Dr. Greer has investigated numerous sightings and encounters with unidentified flying objects. He has conducted thorough interviews with eyewitnesses, analyzed video footage and photographs, and even organized expeditions to known UFO hotspots. His meticulous attention to detail and unbiased approach have earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in the field.

One of Dr. Greer’s most notable contributions to UFO research is his work with the Disclosure Project. Founded in 1993, the project aims to bring forward credible witnesses with first-hand knowledge of UFO encounters and government cover-ups. Dr. Greer has worked tirelessly to compile a database of over 500 government, military, and corporate insiders who have provided testimony on UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters.

Dr. Greer’s dedication to revealing the truth about UFOs has not come without controversy. He has faced skepticism and criticism from skeptics and debunkers who dismiss his claims as pseudoscience or conspiracy theories. Despite this, Dr. Greer continues to push forward with his research and advocacy for government transparency on the issue.

In conclusion, Dr. Steven Greer is a pioneering figure in the field of UFO research. His decades-long commitment to investigating sightings and encounters has shed light on a phenomenon that continues to mystify and intrigue the public. With his scientific background and unwavering dedication to the truth, Dr. Greer remains a respected and influential voice in the study of UFOs.

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