A ghostly object resembling the Dementors of Azkaban in the sky has caused many people to run away in panic.


In addition to its enchanting magic, the Harry Potter film series also instills an enduring impression of eerie and ghostly creatures. Yet, one need not revisit the movie to experience such chills. Residents of Kitwe city in Zambia were equally stunned when they witnessed the sight of the Azkaban prison warden hovering ominously in the sky

above Mukuba Mall.A strange object resembling the dementor Azkaban hovered in the sky.Local media reported, the strange object about 100m long has the shape of the warden Azkaban. It appeared vaguely in the middle of the cloud for 30 minutes and then disappeared.

Before this strange incident, some people suddenly showed devotion, while others fled in fear. Currently, the origin of the strange object in the sky of Kitwe is still a mystery to many people.While there are opinions that the humanoid object is just a strangely shaped cloud, others suggest that it is a product of Photoshop.

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